Facial Recognition Doorlock

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Facial Recognition Doorlock
Facial Recognition Doorlock

Facial Recognition Doorlock


  • Authorized face ID, Palm ID,PIN and ID card to open the door.
  • Face ID storage: 105(100 users + 5 admins).
  • Palm ID storage: 105.
  • PIN storage: 105.
  • ID card storage: 105.
  • Powered by AA batteries *8 PCS.
  • Smart power saving design, more than 8,000+ times facial recognition unlock.
  • Can be unlocked using the backup mechanical keys.
  • Installs in minutes with just a screwdriver, no new screw holes and hard wiring needed. 
  • Suitable for most doors - metal, wood or phenolic.
  • Reversible design, works on doors with left or right hinges.
  • All data are securely stored in local storage.