Wireless Digital Video Doorbell

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Wireless Digital Video Doorbell
Wireless Digital Video Doorbell

     Wireless Digital Video Doorbell

       Model No. : CL-3231  

  ●   Supports up to 4 cameras

  ●   3.5”(320x240) QVGA LCD display

  ●   Video resolution: 320 x 240, with 25 fps

  ●   Full digital duplex intercom

  ●   Wide angle(135°) lens with zoom function and IR LEDs for night vision

  ●   Records up to 50 photos of visitors

  ●   Slim outdoor unit with removable backup battery

  ●   Crystal clear sound with range up to 50m indoor and 200m outdoor

  ●   Answer the door remotely or by wall-mounted control

  ●   Easy installation without wiring (DIY)

  ●   PIR Human sensor (Optional)

  ●   Weather proof and water resistance (outdoor station IP55)

  ●   Mobile App available